How does Eve actually "Evolve?"

Eve is intentionally designed around an adapter that can be customized to outfit any tool, then 3D Printed. Eve's programming is also deliberately designed to load upon set parameters every time it's turned on. By simply 3D Printing a new adapter, "plugging in" a new tool, and changing specific parameters (as simple as a click/tap of a button), you can completely redefine the machine's use.


What's the warranty process?

We offer a six-month warranty with every printer. If the machine breaks, we will fix it and send it back to you. We will also cover shipping (within the US)


How many tools are there?

Virtually any tool can be attached to Eve, but Eve comes standard with an American Microswiss All-Metal Hotend with interchangeable nozzle sizes. We are currently working on outfitting a Dual Extruder and Laser Diode. We are guided by what the community asks for, so if you want it, ask!


What materials does Eve support?

Since Eve can switch tools, she can also support virtually any filament. The stock genuine Microswiss All Metal Hotend can support any of your standard filaments, flexibles, and abrasive. 


Do I need WiFi to operate Eve?

No, you do not. When powered on, Eve will immediately attempt to connect to a WiFi network. If she fails to find/connect to a network, she will emit her own signal. You can then connect to this signal with your phone, pc, or tablet.